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06. Making Custom Frames.

At present two sizes of frame are employed in this apiary: 14x12 and 14x9 inches. These are soon to be joined by a 7x5 mating-nuc frame format and of these, only the 14x9 frames - made from commercial flat-pack - will ever get to leave the apiary in the form of 5-frame nucleus colonies. As the other formats will never leave, these can therefore be of custom-built construction.

This is a simple rig I constructed so that a 14x12 inch frame could be made using the side of the router table as an accurate 90 o angle guide:


... before attaching Top Bars, drilling holes and inserting skewers:


.. to produce a couple of dozen prototype 14" x 12" frames:


If the basic frame is clad with a thin sheet of plywood on each side, rather than fitting skewers and starter-strips, then dummy-frames result. Here are a couple: a 14x12 and a 14x9, still in undercoat:


Not that it's essential to paint them, of course - here's a paint-free 14x9 dummy-frame which has seen one or two years of service:



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