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A Heretics Guide to


NEW - 2019. Extracts from 'Gleanings', circa 1890's.  

A Brief Introduction.  

Some the hives I've been working with ...

01. The British National Hive  

02. The British National Hive (custom tops).  

03. The British National Hive (custom bottoms).  

05. British National 5 Frame Nuc Box  

06. Custom 6 1/2 Frame Nuc Box  

12. The Dual Deep Long Hive.  

15. The hybrid 'British National-Dadant' beehive.  

17. The hybrid 'British National-Warre' beehive.  


A trip around the apiary.  

Some Tips and Tricks.  

Turning Firewood into Frames.  


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