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          Project Paltus
            "build a Russian lugger"

          | Introduction  |

          | Building Kurbatov's 'Paltus'  |

          | 'Paltus' Diagrams: Lines & Parts  |

          | 'Paltus' Diagrams: Frames & Metalwork  |

          | 'Paltus' Diagrams: Spars, Sails & Rigging  |

          | The Drascombe Lugger  |

          | Building the Drascombe Lugger  |

          | Comparison  |

          | Appendix A (Plans, ex-Magazine)  |

          | Appendix B (Plans, ex-Book)  |

          | Appendix C (Russian magazine article, Honnor Marine)  |

          | Set of diagrams for download (Right Click, Save As) - then RENAME as diagrams.ZIP before extracting. |


Please note : the following webpages are a mirror of the 'Project Paltus' website, hosted here by consent. The information, diagrams and plans included here are downloadable free-of-charge, and are offered in good faith without any warranty or guarantee. All known information is included here 'as is' - and I regret to say that no further support with regard to the building of this vessel can be offered, or will be made available.

Project Paltus was moved to this server on 4th August 2017

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